Chitake Spring

This is inland spring some 50 kilometers from the Zambezi river. Its unique in that there is not a lot of water around so wildlife with their need to drink are drawn to this place.

Here we only do a fly camping safaris and these are not for everybody. We use smaller dome tents and do not have en-suite bathrooms or showers. These are separate from your tent, so is even closer to nature. We use the same staff as we do on our shoreline so our food and service is comparable to that. What we have found to work well is to combine a Chitake experience with a few day prior to here on the Zambezi in our tented camp there.

The nights are typically noisier than most places. Lions, hyenas and elephants compete for the limited water supply. We don’t do too much in the car here and emphasize on walks and often spend a bit of time sitting near the spring waiting for animals to make their way to water.

If you are fortunate there is a chance you might experience a herd of buffalo drinking at the spring with the dust the follows them like their cloudy shadow. Sunsets here are like god decided to light this place with candles.


Special Requests

Guests choosing to do longer stays with us will have the opportunity to do fly camping where we use dome tents for a night or two away from the camp, such as the Chitake spring in Mana Pools.