To tread through the African bush on foot will put you in a mood that might seem strange. At least for a little while you will feel as you should always feel, not at odds with nature but in harmony. You will not be much concerned about what’s going on in politics around the globe, but be focused on the surroundings. To hear the calls of the birds, keeping an eye on the tracks on elephant trail you are walking, with an eye out for the lions we might be tracking is brilliant way to spend a morning or afternoon with your friends or family. Nature has fangs and to counter this we are armed at all times on these walks.


Mornings are typically cool and after a light breakfast it’s typical for us to jump into one of our Land Rovers and to head out for the whole morning. We use our safari vehicles in a two fold manner. One as a means of getting places and there other view animals. What is of interest is how differently animals react to a vehicle as opposed to us on foot. Its possible to park a few meters from a pride of lion, yet on foot that kind of distance might be tad foolhardy.

Being Still

A human silhouette is an alarm bell to most animals and this leads to them leaving the scene. So its often a great idea to have a long sit in an area where animals are likely to visit such as waterhole or a spring. Sitting quietly is often difficult for most westerners but with a little practice it’s a pleasant experience and of rewarding.