Pack List

Here is everything you will need for your trip.

Generally Helpful

For the final journey in the private plane, the luggage weight limit is 25lbs per person (including carry-ons, cameras, etc). It is very important that you use a suitcase which is not hard-sided, as it will have to fit into the pod under the plane: a soft duffel bag is ideal. If possible bring your luggage as a carry on as this saves time and avoids the risk of lost luggage.

We recommend:

•     Passport

•     Regular medications

•     Malaria tablets

•     Sunglasses

•     Binoculars

•     Headlamp or flashlight

•     A daypack – for when we go walking (one between two is ample)

•     Electrical adapter

•     Camera – for serious photographing of animals (I will have mine and share what photos I take)

•     Extra batteries for cameras, flashlights, etc (we can recharge camera batteries, but at least two is recommended)

•     Ziploc bags (they always seem to come in handy)

•     Travel journal?


Your clothes will be washed each day while out in the bush. The clothing you bring should be in neutral colors (preferably olive greens, browns, & dark tans) to avoid spooking the animals: Avoid black, white, or other bright clothing as well as flashy jewelry/watches. Be aware that camouflage is prohibited for non-military personnel in our safari areas. 

We recommend:

•     A hat (sufficient to keep off the sun)

•     Shoes – (tennis/running shoes are best), Tevas, Keens, or broken-in hiking boots (avoid heavy boots), and flip-flops for around camp

•     4 Pairs of socks

•     2 Long-sleeve shirts

•     3 Short-sleeve shirts

•     3 Pairs of shorts

•     2 Pairs of long pants – something like khakis and/or sweatpants (preferably not jeans as they take too long to dry)

•     1 Heavy fleece

•     1 Lightweight fleece or sweatshirt that can be used to layer

•     Scarf

•     Pajamas

•     Underwear/bras

•     Swimsuit


We recommend:

•     Antibacterial wipes

•     Insect repellent

•     Sunscreen

•     Deodorant

•     Shampoo/conditioner

•     Face cleanser 

•     Hand/body lotion

•     Lip balm

•     Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss

•     Comb/brush

•     Razor/shaving cream