This great National Park, 15 000 square kilometers in extent is unsurpassed by any other in our country. Nowhere else is there a larger variety of animals and in numbers that in the dry season can be hard to comprehend.

The Park sits amidst the sands of the Kalahari, and rivers are absent. What is does have are natural pans that are natural wonders of southern Africa bush. They have been created by termites and animals themselves, over time termites have bought minerals to the surface these have intern attracted animals in particular elephants who desire the minerals and salts as part of their diets. This over time leads to a depression in the ground, which collects water in the rainy season. These depressions are constantly enlarged by animals wallowing in them and walking away with their hides covered in the mud. Over very long periods of time these pans that become very large and now with the solar powered water pumps from the aquifer below water is maintained year round.

Much of our time in the Park in spent travelling to such places and seeing who is in need of a drink. At times of the year when there is little other surface water around wildlife viewing can be and often is excellent. Once thing very obvious here is how the hand of man has not touched this place.