Mana Pools

Quite possibly the finest national park on this massive continent, Mana Pools is bordered to its North by the Zambezi river, and its here on its southern banks is where we set up our tented camps. Our team of guys normally go in a day or two before you arrive and set up camps. As a consequence of this, wildlife will often walk through, as there was nothing here a few days before.

The park has superb wildlife and for some reason, perhaps to do with history of the park, the animals are tolerant of us on foot. As a consequence we do a lot of walking and try to approach animals on foot and as close as they allow. The shoreline is a series of old river courses, and one never seems to run out of places to explore.

If one was to say what separates Mana Pools from other Parks on the continent is the seemingly endless wildlife all dwelling peacefully below the canopy of extraordinary trees.

Our camps are mobile in the sense we put them up and take them down for each safari. This limits the impact we have on the park we love and allows it return exactly as it was before with arrived. Out tents are large with two proper beds and an en-suite bathroom and flushing loo.

Our team of staff are great and have been doing this for along time. We are a long way from civilization and we bake fresh food every day and our chefs prepare great meals.

Special Requests

Guests choosing to do longer stays with us will have the opportunity to do fly camping where we use dome tents for a night or two away from the camp, such as the Chitake spring in Mana Pools.